Pray 10k Day 10 - Pray for Marriages

There are 2 gifts from God that far outweigh everything else He has done for us and they are both relational. The first is the gift of His Son that we might find salvation through the Love of Jesus, and the second is the gift of other people where our love for Jesus can flesh itself out. Within this second gift God grants one relationship to be above all the others, second only to relationship with Him, and that is the gift of relationship with our spouse. 

Marriage is sacred. God ordained it. It is an example to the world of the love that God has for the church. It is to be a powerful visual witness for the Lord, and when we live in love with God and with each other in such a fashion that these things are true, it is a powerful testimony to our loving Heavenly Father. But when we blow it, boy does it ever do some damage.

Marriage has never been easy. It never will be. The art of mutual submission that Christian Marriage calls us to requires dual yielding, to God and to our spouse, and to do that means that we have little room for ourselves. Which of course is why Christian relationships that embrace the call to biblical marriage report such high levels of satisfaction and joy together. It’s the kind of joy that shapes generations, and to be honest it’s dangerous.

That’s why marriage is constantly under attack, because it has so much power to bring so much change, so much substantive transformation not only to families, but to communities. So today, we are praying for marriages.

Pray for:

  • A solid understanding of the Gospel to rule over each relationship. (We need grace and faith based relationships to change the world!)
  • Good communication between husband and wife.
  • That the distractions from a great Godly marriage would be revealed, isolated, identified, and dealt with quickly and triumphantly.
  • That husbands and wives would fight for each other not with each other.
  • For the time, resources, and creativity to keep the marriage fresh, flourishing, and fun.
  • That we would honor God in every way in our marriages.

Thanks for joining me in this prayer effort. It is making a difference in my life, and I hope it is making a difference in yours. I would love to hear more about how God is moving in you and about how I can pray, please send your prayer requests to:


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