Pray 10k Day 11 - Pray for Families

Families are all unique, but there is this one thing they all have in common: 

Families are made up of different individuals who have their own ideas of the way things should be. Younger kids think every meal should be hot dogs or chicken nuggets. Teens would be happy to just eat pizza. Parents would prefer something healthy, quick, and convenient. And that's just for dinner.

Life is far more complicated than deciding what to eat. Our interests and activities take us in 1,000 different directions, and our culture instills the value in being unique. Most of this is very good, but there is still the unintended consequence of disconnection.

Families are very disconnected these days, which is a shame. One reason God gave us family is to allow us to meet the needs of others and have our own needs met in a safe and loving environment.

Our pursuit of a rich and full life often paradoxically puts us at odds with our very purpose that builds a solid foundation from which we can launch into our dreams. That's why a healthy, balanced, Christocentric family life is so important, and it's also why that life is so elusive. 

Today as we pray, pray for:

- Christ to be the center of our homes and hearts.
- Marriages to be healthy, happy, holy, and hopeful.
- Parents to have wisdom, self control, and compassion as they lead the family.
- For children to honor thier parents and all authority.
- For the financial, physical, relational, emotional, and spiritual health of the home.

Keep praying, and keep sharing requests, God is doing great things through this Pray10k! Please keep Avah Jennings and her family and Gabby Latall and her family in prayer. God is hearing our prayer and great things are taking place! Let's celebrate what He has done!


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