Pray 10k Day 12 - Pray For the Economy

We have spent this week praying for all aspects of the family, and today I ask you to join me in praying for a very critical aspect to all our lives: the economy. 

Many families have great relationships, strong marriages, and end up raising great kids as well even without a strong income to support the family. But without question,life is better, and easier, when we have the financial means to provide for our needs. So today as we pray please pray for:

- A strong economy that provides good jobs for the community. 
- For Business: Most of these aren't the evil, greedy, corporations that some make them out to be. Besides providing the jobs that we need, they contribute to foundations, food banks, schools, and hordes of other non-profits to make our communities better. 
- For small business owners: They provide the majority of jobs within the community and are the backbone of the nation.
- For large businesses: To flourish and have success, to be ran ethically and profitably.
- For Entrepreneurs: There are far too few brave souls willing to take the risk to innovate, produce, and dream about what could be.
- For Christians to set the example for attitude, hard work, and respect in the work place. As believers we should live out our commitment to Christlike living in such a way that people would literally fight over us to employ us.

Thanks for praying, enjoy your weekend!

Pic: Shawn King


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