Pray 10k Day 8 - Pray for Schools

Always remember what you have been taught, and don’t let go of it. Keep all that you have learned; it is the most important thing in life.
- Proverbs 4:13 NCV
This week to start things off right, we are praying for our schools. This is such a huge prayer as we pray we need to be reminded to pray not only for our students, but also for teachers, administration, support staff, bus drivers, school resource officers, coaches, and well pretty much everyone else involved in the development of our most precious resource.
Specifically pray for these things:
  • For Christian teachers and leaders to have wisdom concerning their faith especially in these highly scrutinized times.
  • For peace in the classroom, school yard, bus system, and anywhere else students find themselves.
  • For students to take full advantage of the opportunity education brings them.
  • For our young people to grow up strongly rooted in God’s Word.
  • For the home lives of our community’s children.
  • For the safety and success of our sports, music, arts, ag, and other programs and those in solved with them.
  • For all resources to be used wisely, and to the greatest benefit of all.
Of course this is just a list to get you started. Please pray specifically for individual students, paraprofessionals, teachers, administrators, bus drivers, etc. that you know.

We have an amazing opportunity each day to lift our community in prayer, don’t let today slip by.


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